boolean: why are you compiling this driver yourself anyway?
needhelp: what do u mean?
boolean: the current versions of the linux kernel have support for the thunderlan cards
needhelp: yeah but not for mine
needhelp: it's netelligent embedded utp
boolean: compaq?
needhelp: yeah
boolean: that is supported
needhelp: u serious
boolean: what version of the kernel are you running?
needhelp: redhat 7.3
boolean: ok, that's the distribution :)
needhelp: and i don't know the kernel version
boolean: uname -r
needhelp: it's 2.4.18-3
boolean: modprobe tlan
needhelp as root?
boolean: yup
needhelp: command not found
boolean: /sbin/modprobe tlan
needhelp: it did something and back to root
boolean: /sbin/ifconfig -a
needhelp: it game me all this stuff
boolean: is one of them "eth0" ?
needhelp: yeah
boolean: then your card has been found :)
needhelp: cool
boolean: all you need to do now is configure it
boolean: man ifconfig... RTFM, ho! :)