HOWTO configure the Orinoco Gold/Silver Wireless Ethernet Cards

o Linux
  - Installing the Driver
  This card goes by many names: Lucent Wavelan, Orinoco, Proxim, 
  etc.  It is, however, based on the hermes chipset, so use the 
  hermes driver.
  To install the module:

	# modprobe orinoco_cs

  To build in your own kernel:

  You should now see an ethernet interface in ifconfig's output:

	# ifconfig -a

  - Configuring the Card

  There are two parts to the process.  Firstly, there is the 
  issue of configuring the attributes specific to wireless 
  LANs (such as essid and wep keys if WEP is enabled).  Secondly, 
  there is the issue of configuring the usual network attributes 
  and all we'll say about the latter is RTFM for ifconfig.

  In order to configure wireless devices you will need the wireless
  -tools package.  For those of you using RPM, find a wireless-tools 
  RPM on your favorite mirror. For those of you lucky bastards using Debian,
	# apt-get install wireless-tools

  Now you can use iwconfig to configure the card. Assuming that your 
  wireless card is configured as "eth1".

	#iwconfig eth1 nickname "whatever" essid "youressid" 

  If WEP is enabled, then 

	#iwconfig eth1 nickname "whatever" essid "youressid" key 0123-4567-89

o FreeBSD
  - Installing the Driver

  To install the module:

	#kldload wi

  To build in your own kernel, uncomment

	device wlan
	device wi 

  (in your kernel config)

  - Configuring the Card

  FreeBSD has extended its own version of ifconfig to support configuring 
  wireless devices.  So, assuming that your wireless card is "wi0" just add 
  the following to whatever you already pass to ifconfig.

	# ifconfig wi0 ssid youressid

  If WEP is enabled, then

	# ifconfig wi0 ssid youressid wepmode on wepkey 0x0123456789