[17:20] DIkky: can i use wine to "extract" files from a ntfs drive ?
[17:20] boolean: dikky, you don't need wine for that
[17:21] boolean: you need to recompile your kernel though :)
[17:21] DIkky: is there any way i can get around that ?
[17:21] boolean: hmm... i have no easier answer for you
[17:23] boolean: it's not that hard
[17:26] boolean: ntfs support is in the linux kernel
[17:26] boolean: it's just that redhat disables it
[17:26] boolean: redhat likes to test their kernels a lot
[17:26] boolean: and ntfs is not that stable
[17:27] boolean: though it is certainly usable
[17:27] boolean: write support is experimental still
[17:27] DIkky: how do i make redhat enable it ?
[17:27] DIkky: all i want to do is copy around 40gb of files
[17:27] DIkky: from the ntfs to this drive
[17:27] boolean: rescue the porn!
[17:28] boolean: first things first... go get the kernel source RPM
[19:04] Dikky: i have updated the kernel now :)
[19:04] boolean: nope, you haven't
[19:04] boolean: you installed the source
[19:05] Dikky: oh
[19:05] boolean: you now have to configure it and build it
[19:06] boolean: my suggestion is that you use the default config
[19:06] boolean: then just add your ntfs config option
[19:06] Dikky: ok
[19:06] boolean: are you on the machine now?
[19:06] Dikky: yes
[19:06] boolean: cd /usr/src
[19:06] boolean: what's there?
[19:07] Dikky: its all empty folders
[19:07] boolean: is there no linux dir there?
[19:07] Dikky: nope
[19:08] boolean: get the kernel-source rpm
[19:08] Dikky: i have that
[19:09] boolean: what exact rpm do you have
[19:09] Dikky: kernel-2.4.18-5.athlon.rpm
[19:10] boolean: wrong one
[19:10] Dikky: which one do i need then ?
[19:10] boolean: kernel-source
[19:10] Dikky: ahh
[19:12] Dikky: i cant find kernel-source for athlon, only i386 is that one ok ?
[19:12] boolean: yes
[19:22] Dikky: ok, now its done
[19:22] boolean: alrighty... that's the one you want to install
[19:22] Dikky: yes.. i typed rpm -ivh kernel-source-2.4.18-5.i386.rpm
[19:23] Dikky: now the cd /usr/src/linu.-.. works
[19:24] boolean: i know
[19:24] Dikky: make mrproper ?
[19:24] boolean: you don't have to
[19:24] boolean: it's proper
[19:24] boolean: just copy the appropriate config from configs/
[19:24] Dikky: which configs ?
[19:25] boolean: cp configs/kernel-2.4.18-athlon.config .config
[19:26] Dikky: rpm -q --qf '%{ARCH}\n' kernel-2.4.18-5
[19:26] Dikky: athlon... doesnt that load the previous ?
[19:27] boolean: what the hell are you talking about?
[19:27] boolean: just cd /usr/src/linux-2.4
[19:27] boolean: cp configs/kernel-2.4.18-athlon.config .config
[19:27] boolean: make oldconfig
[19:29] Dikky: ok...  alot of text and something that says next you most run 'make dep'
[19:30] boolean: don't run make dep yet
[19:31] boolean: now... i'll explain what we did...
[19:31] boolean: we installed the kernel source
[19:31] Dikky: and then copied the settings from the old kernel to the new one?
[19:31] boolean: the config, dikky... get the language :)
[19:32] boolean: now we want to enable ntfs
[19:32] boolean: so you can "make config"
[19:32] boolean: or
[19:32] boolean: "make xconfig", etc
[19:32] boolean: i only use the former
[19:33] Dikky: Prompt for development and/or incomplete code/drivers (CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL) [Y/n/?]
[19:33] boolean: y
[19:33] boolean: this will make sure that the ntfs option shows up
[19:34] boolean: keep pressing return until the filesystems section comes up
[19:34] boolean: you don't want to change anything else but ntfs support in your kernel
[19:34] boolean: you can read as you press enter if you're interested...
[19:34] boolean: but make sure not to change any values
[19:34] boolean: just press return
[19:36] boolean: Dikky:
[19:36] boolean: *
[19:36] boolean: * File systems
[19:36] boolean: *
[19:36] boolean: Dikky: that's the section you are looking for , ok?
[19:45] Dikky: finally
[19:45] Dikky: file systems
[19:45] Dikky: what am i looking for ?
[19:46] boolean: Dikky: you should see the ntfs option coming soon
[19:49] Dikky: N/y/m
[19:49] boolean: it really doesn't matter whether you link it statically or 
as a module.. but I'm sure RedHat configures most things as modules, so let's 
just use "M".
[19:49] boolean: FYI: M -> module, Y -> built-in to kernel
[19:49] Dikky: ntfs write support ?
[19:49] boolean: yeah
[19:49] Dikky: but that is dangerous right ?
[19:49] boolean: sure
[19:49] Dikky: now i can just press enter all the way ?
[20:10] boolean: yup, then make bzImage and make modules 
[20:10] Dikky: make modules took along time :)
[20:11] boolean: yup
[20:11] boolean: it should... redhat enables almost every module :)
[20:11] Dikky: a module is like a little driver ?
[20:11] boolean: Dikky: it is a driver
[20:11] boolean: Dikky: a module is just different because it can be loaded/unloaded at runtime
[20:11] Dikky: big advantage on servers ..
[20:11] boolean: and on workstations too...
[20:25] Dikky: ok... can i just mount the ntfs partition now ?
[20:26] boolean: Dikky: no
[20:26] boolean: did you do modules_install?
[20:26] boolean: ok... so I don't know how RedHat names their kernels now... 
usually the just use the version number of the kernel and add their own version 
number and the "custom" string to differentiate it from the kernels installed 
by the RPM.
[20:26] Dikky: huh?
[20:55] boolean: it's called 2.4.18-5custom, dikky
[20:55] boolean: you want to add a config option for your newly built kernel so 
that you can boot into it... add something like this to /etc/grub.conf
[20:56] boolean: title Red Hat Linux (2.4.18-5custom)
[20:56] boolean:         root (hd0,0)
[20:56] boolean:         kernel /vmlinuz-2.4.18-5custom ro root=/dev/hda3
[20:56] boolean:         initrd /initrd-2.4.18-5custom
[20:57] Dikky: its already 2.4.18-5
[20:58] boolean: yes, but your new kernel has custom on it, remember?
[20:58] boolean: ls /boot/
[20:58] boolean: you have two kernels now
[20:58] boolean: 2.4.18-5 and 2.4.18-5custom
[20:58] boolean: Dikky: understand?
[20:58] boolean: you don't want to replace the old one
[20:58] Dikky: k
[20:58] boolean: in case your new kernel doesn't boot
[20:59] boolean: so just duplicate that entry, and make the changes
[20:59] Dikky: ok
[21:00] Dikky: its alreaduy there
[21:00] Dikky: title Red Hat Linux (2.4.18-5custom)
[21:00] Dikky:         root (hd0,0)
[21:00] Dikky:         kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.4.18-5custom ro root=/dev/hdc1 hdb=ide-scsi
[21:00] Dikky:         initrd /boot/initrd-2.4.18-5custom.img
[21:01] boolean: you need to create that initrd image... mkinitrd 2.4.18-5custom
[21:01] Dikky: yes
[21:02] boolean: reboot with your new kernel
[21:02] Dikky: ok
[21:02] Dikky: *brb*
[21:11] Dikky (~unix@ti131310a080-0281.bb.online.no) joined #linuxnewbies.
[21:11] Dikky: no problems
[21:12] boolean: you've compiled and successfully run your own kernel
[21:12] Dikky: :)
[21:12] Dikky: what do i do to access the ntfs partition now ?
[21:13] boolean: modprobe ntfs
[21:13] boolean: lsmod
[21:13] Dikky: ntfs is there
[21:14] Dikky: yihaw
[21:14] boolean: modprobe installs modules, and makes sure to install any modules that are dependant as well
[21:14] boolean: it's better than insmod in general
[21:14] Dikky: ok
[21:15] boolean: so did linux see the ntfs drive on boot?
[21:15] boolean: is it the second ide drive?
[21:17] boolean: dmesg |grep hd
[21:18] Dikky: i have 2 ata disk drives
[21:18] Dikky: hdc: IC35L060AVVA07-0, ATA DISK drive
[21:18] Dikky: hdd: MAXTOR 6L080L4, ATA DISK drive
[21:18] Dikky: the maxtor is the one with ntfs
[21:18] boolean: make a mount point for it
[21:18] boolean: just any directory
[21:18] Dikky: uh
[21:19] boolean: where we'll mount it
[21:19] boolean: mkdir /data
[21:19] boolean: mount -t ntfs /dev/hdd1 /data
[21:23] Dikky: doesnt work
[21:22] boolean: it may not be on the first partition
[21:22] Dikky: ok
[21:23] boolean: fdisk /dev/hdd
[21:23] boolean: then type 'p' and then hit enter
[21:24] Dikky: /dev/hdd5
[21:24] boolean: then type 'q' and then it enter
[21:24] boolean: that's our problem
[21:24] Dikky: yeah
[21:24] boolean: fuckin' windows stupidity
[21:24] boolean: mount -t ntfs /dev/hdd5 /data
[21:24] boolean: cd /data
[21:24] boolean: ls
[21:25] Dikky: yea!
[21:25] Dikky: its working
[21:25] boolean: yup
[21:25] Dikky: :))
[21:25] Dikky: thanks for helping me out !