HOWTO set up a FreeBSD splash screen

o Creating the splash screen

	FreeBSD supports 256-color BMP for splash screens.  So you can create 
	a splash screen using any graphics application that supports BMP format 
	-- e.g. the Gimp.

	* Converting your image into 256-color BMP with the Gimp

		- Image -> Mode -> Indexed
		- Select 256 colors
		- Save as BMP

o Configuring BSD to load splash screen

	Provided that your kernel supports splash pseudo-devices, all you need 
	to to is add the following lines to /boot/loader.conf:

		splash_bmp_load="YES" # For Windows .bmp files or
		vesa_load="YES" # If the image is greater than 320x200
		bitmap_name="/boot/splash.bmp" # Name of the splash image file

	NOTE: To enable support for splash screens in your kernel, uncomment 
	the "device splash" line in your kernel if it isn't uncommented already.
	NOTE: If you configured your kernel with the VESA option enabled 
	(check for "options VESA" in your kernel config), then you can omit 
	the vesa_load line above.