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Ianna, you will hear many terms being used in reference to your "creation", and, as daddy, I consider it my duty to help you understand them. The term sex refers to the conscious or unconscious attempt at fertilization. The term fertilization refers to the creation of a zygote, the cell formed by the "merging" of one of daddy's sperm with one of mommy's ova. The term conception applies to the point in time when the zygote -- having hatched from its egg -- is abosorbed into mommy's uterus. Opinions vary on which of these stages constitute the beginning of human life, but we choose to mark your beginning at the point of fertilization: 25th of Elul in the year 5765.

IANNA3W1D Nickname: E Pluribus Unum. In the beginning when we began to create Ianna, there was enjoyment. Ianna knew what no one knew; on or around the 25th of Elul in the year 5765, perhaps in honor of Carla's 30th birthday, she decides to form into the essence of a human: a diploid cell bearing 46 chromosomes.
IANNA8W0D Nickname: Lime. At 8 weeks, she wasn't much of a human: Her hands and feet were webbed, her eyes were on the side of her head and she was still lacking a few of her human organs (no lungs, etc). She did, however, have a relatively sophisticated digestive system, a few synapses, and a primordial heartbeat.
IANNA11W5D Nickname: Creature/Gas. At 12 weeks, our daughter finally introduced herself. She was about 4 inches long and weighed about 2.5 ounces. She demonstrated her nascent control of her limbs by expertly avoiding the camera, but we were able to see a healthy heart and central nervous system. She made us proud when she passed all of her exams!
IANNA19W2D Nickname: Sub. At 20 weeks, our daughter was a miniature human female not much larger than a Subway sandwich. She was anatomically and chemically healthy, and already kicking, stretching, making herself at home in my wife's belly.
IANNA27W1D Nickname: Skinny. At 27 weeks, my wife and daughter heard the words all women long to hear: "girl, you need to gain some weight." My wife has quickly launched Operation Ben & Jerry's to combat the problem! Otherwise, we have a perfectly formed and developing little girl, with functioning eyes, ears, lungs, and brain.

Nickname: Mama, Baby. Ianna was born on Thursday, June 8 at 5:33 AM. She weighed 5 lbs. 13 oz. and measured 19.75 inches long.